Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

Speak For Me

I'm up early on Sunday morning so that I can get into work by 8 am. Right now this is the only real work I can get, you know, besides blogging (but that isn't really bringing in the dollars -- a few cents, but no dollars yet.)

The job is pretty repetitive and kind of sucks, but at least it's something, right? At least that's what I'm told. Anyway, I figure I should take some time to mentally prepare myself for the day. For some reason my boss keeps the radio on "today's best music" so I'm basically stuck listening to songs about getting drunk and partying all the time and having short-lived, meaningless relationships with random strangers. This is a manual labor job, by the way, with 4 young guys working, but this is what we have to listen to all day.
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"And the music on my radio, ain't supposed to make me feel alone"

Is it just me, or does it make anyone else really sad to think that our society thinks that love is passion and that a relationship is about sex, and that sex isn't about love but about pleasure? Doesn't anyone else wish there were more songs and shows and stories about healthy, deep, real, loving relationships? And that family was still a thing that people valued? And that 20-30 year olds weren't still acting like teenagers (and running the media and therefore majority of our culture's influence)? Why doesn't John's music get played anymore? Is it because honest and real music isn't popular anymore?

There was a time when the older people who were mature and knew things were the people that taught us how to act, not the teenagers who haven't grown up yet. Lets download movies for free without membership or signing up hihi.. 

I'm not the only grumpy old man, am I? 


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