Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

Toyota: Let's Go Places

Good ideas are so wasted on car commercials. Why is it that every time I see/hear something moving during the commercial break, it ends up being a car ad? This morning, while catching up on my shows via Hulu, I saw this video:

"Inspiration doesn't favor those who sit still, it dances with the daring and rewards the courageous with ideas that excite [and] challenge."

The beginning was nice enough to watch; I'm a sucker for scenic car trips. But then they had to go and actually inspire me! How annoying! I almost felt guilty listening to that quote and wanting to stencil it on my walls and tattoo it on my ribs like all those deep female celebrities have been doing. I guess just thinly veiling my sole intention of putting pretty words on my blog with a post about the gall of using emotive language to drive consumerism will be good enough...


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